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earthly angels

David - Biography and Photos

David Chen is the most humble man that I have ever met. It has been a privilege to tell his story so that his Japanese grandchildren and others can learn how God protected him from famine and persecution in China and brought him to political asylum and retirement in the USA. David's Chinese name has been withheld for his protection.

When writing about the Red Guard period, I suddenly realized that David and I had each walked through "the valley of the shadow of death" at the same time. Thirty years ago, he was imprisoned, subjected to cruel beatings and in total despair attempted suicide. I suffered a nervous breakdown. In our pain, each of us called out to God, and He answered our prayers. We agree that without our faith neither of us would be alive today.

This book is an attempt to glorify God by showing the miracles that God performed in David's life. Throughout this fascinating story, you will see when God held his hand, crossed his path with earthly angels or simply carried him, when life proved too cruel.


David's graduation from
Moody Bible. 1944

David with his wife, Yushin. 1980

David and Toni Milkon, who brought bibles to
China in 1983 & met David by God's coincidence.

Phyllis presents David with his biography, Earthly Angels, while
Sr. Pastor Jack Sampier looks on. 1999

David at 98 years of age walked with his cane
and took a bus to purchase a Chinese birthday
cake for the author.

savid with book

The author presents David with his new book. 2007

Phyllis and David at his 101st birthday party.
Christmas 2008

David enjoys Father's Day. 2009

tribes mission

Monty and Kathie, from New Tribes Missions, enjoy their first visit
with David and tell him how they prayed for him for many years. 2009

102nd Birthday Party

David and Phyllis at his 102nd birthday party. 2009


david in lobby

A smiling David relaxes before his party. Christmas 2010


103rd Birthday Party

David and Phyllis at his 103rd birthday party. 2010



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