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Ark of the Covenent 
Ark of the Covenant

One problem in evangelism is trying to turn a conversation into a religious discussion. I believe I have found a solution for Christian women. Many persons wear jewelry crosses but have no idea of the true significance of the cross where our Savior died. I decided there was a need for a different religious symbol an “Ark of the Covenant”. I chose to add the Twelve Gemstones that were on the breast piece for making decisions because I felt they would give beauty to the piece and wisdom to the owner.

David Haffey skillfully etched it into wax and then prepared molds so it could be reproduced as a pendant-necklace bob or pin-brooch.

When persons comment on the Ark, I know how to evangelize to them. A comment of, “Do those stones represent the birthdays of your grandchildren?” is probably not a response from a Christian but now I have an opening to explain how God used an ark to guide his people through the wilderness. A comment of , “What a lovely Ark of the Covenant!”, might prompt a response of thank-you, do you have a church home and then an invitation to my church.

It is my sincere prayer that this piece will open up opportunities for evangelism, for women that might find it difficult to start a religious conversation.

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