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BCV News

BCV News

Photos and news from conferences and marketing trips
to various cities.

  •  2009 Revival at Iglesia Cristiana Santidad Pentecostes,
     Bend, OR

Amanda leads the Worship Team.

  •  2009 Revival for Spanish Ladies, Easton, WA

Smiling Pastora Alejandra Villanueva, ICSP, Bend, OR

Phyllis Milkon, member ICSP, Bend, OR

  •   2009 Marketing trip through the Northwest.

Visit to Partners International, Spokane, WA -
David Chen's last employer.

Spokane campground with a sense of humor supplies
a hydrant for city dogs and tree for country dogs.

  •   Vehicles get dirty while traveling - children at a car wash fund-raiser.

Boys scrub dirty van, Spokane, WA

Children on the wash the van team.
  •   A divine appointment in Missoula, MT

Stopped at WOW, Women of Worship
meeting, which just happened to be scheduled on
the 3rd Thursday of the month -- my departure day.

  •  Scenery can be beautiful in the Northwest.

Traveling by van was easier than covered wagon.

  •   Sometimes it is necessary to watch out for animals.

Phyllis escapes grizzly bear.

Phyllis pets bison.

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