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services - consulting

Burgess Creative Ventures offers a variety of  consulting services. We specialize in organizing just about anything into an order designed specifically for the needs of businesses or individuals.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • OPERATION GUIDES: Management Policies, Job Descriptions,  Job Procedures.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT ideas and techniques.
  • PRODUCTION TIME REQUIREMENTS for new products or inventory.
  • FORMS designed to fit your needs and save you time.
  • "GETTERS" - Solving problems by writing letters that get results.
  • BILL PAYING ideas so you can travel while knowing in advance what will be due.
  • TICKLER file with a detailed listing of everything you need to do each month. Ex. Expiration dates of credit cards, licenses, subscriptions, etc. Doctors appointments. Equipment service.  
  • PROPERTY maintenance records for home, rentals, equipment, vehicles, other.
  • HOUSEHOLD CLEANING list in English or Bilingual (Spanish).
  • ESTATE planning documents with your personal preferences for your executor.
  • ACCIDENT/ILLNESS information for what to do while you are unable to do them yourself.

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