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cooking healthy
Cooking Healthy - Section Titles & Examples

Beverages (some are concentrates to save space)
ex. Cold: Ice tea, Fruit Juice Punch, milk & yogurt shakes
ex. Hot: Tea, coffees, cocoas, Apple Grog Concentrate.

Soups / Mini Meals / Other
ex. Soups, Vegetable Pizza, Chicken Bites, Sloppy "T"
ex. Yogurt and cottage cheese snacks, Low-Cal Munchies

Salads / Salad Dressings
ex. Phyllis's Special Slaw, Macaroni & Turkey Ham Salad
ex. 999 Island, Sweet & Sour, yogurt, mayo, oil & vinegar

Vegetables / Rice Dishes
ex. Candied Yams, Holiday Sweet Potato Pie
ex. Oriental Orange Rice, Pizza-Style Zucchini

ex. Chicken Cacciatore, Middle Eastern Chicken
ex. Easy Stuffed Peppers, Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

Fish / Seafood
ex. Baked Whole Trout, Baked Salmon Fillets
ex. Scallops & Vegetables, Shrimp with Peas & Rice

Meat / Other Main Dishes
ex. Vegetable Beef Goulash, Pork and Sauerkraut
ex. Vegetable Lasagna, Meat Lasagna, Barbecue Ideas

ex. Dinner: Sweet & Sour, Cranraspberry, Cranstrawberry
ex. Pasta: Quick Tomato with Meat, Meatless Tomato
ex. Barbecue: Western Barbecue, Hawaiian Barbecue
ex. Dessert: Rum Raisin, Yummy Lemony, many tapioca

Desserts (from least calories to higher calories)
ex. Gelatin, fruit, muffins, puddings (noodle, rice, bread)
ex. Cake, cobbler/pie, cookies (peanut butter, oatmeal)
ex. Special Occasion: Baked Oregon, strawberry shortcake

Information and BCV's Shortcuts
Measurements At A Glance
ex. 2 Tablespoons = 1/8 cup = 1 fluid ounce

Basic Cooking Equipment

Substitution List

Shopper's Assistance Chart
ex. Food         Amount                Equivalent To
     Bananas    1 1/2 cup mashed    4 medium

Meal Planning Shortcuts

Meal Planning Suggestions

Nutrition Awareness

BCV's Shortcuts and Information (10 pages)
ex. Lasagna can be difficult to prepare and serve.
To simply it, my recipes substitute regular pasta
for lasagna noodles. This eliminates the assembly

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