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cooking healthy
Cooking Healthy - Reviews and Opinions

Journal of the American Dietetic Association (October 1993)

“This is not your grandmother’s cookbook,” says author Phyllis A. Milkon of her book, Cooking Healthy with BCV’s Shortcuts. The 250 page cookbook, published by Burgess Creative Ventures, offers 171 recipes designed specifically for busy cooks who want time-saving shortcuts. Recipes,which provide reduced amounts of fat, cholesterol, and sodium  and use no refined sugar, are organized into 10 tabbed sections: beverages, soups / mini meals, salads / dressings, vegetables, poultry, fish, other main dishes, sauces, desserts, and BCV’s shortcuts. Step-by-step instructions and nutrient information are provided for each recipe. A chapter entitled Nutrition Awareness offers basic information on nutrition guidelines.

Other Opinions:

"My family and friends enjoyed the recipes.  It is  nice to be able to serve delicious food and not feel guilty about eating it." 
Beverly K., RN, Yonkers, NY

"I enjoyed my role as tester and resident chemist.  The recipes are delicious and highly recommended." 
Jan L., retired chemist, Bend, OR

"We both enjoyed the recipes and participating in the test program.  With our busy schedules and restricted diets, fast, easy low-fat recipes are always welcome." 
Lloyd & Nancy W., Auburn University, Montgomery, AL

"Recipes  which are  lower in fat, cholesterol and  sodium  can be helpful in  following the  nutrition  guidelines  for  prevention  and control of heart disease, a major health problem in Georgia." 
Anne H., R.D., L.D., nutritionist, Savannah, GA

"The eggless Noodle Pudding Recipe was excellent.  I use to use eight eggs.  What a difference!" 
Sue P., RN critical care, Cheyenne, WY

"Looking forward  to giving a copy  of the book  to the chef  at my retirement home so we all can enjoy the recipes." 
M. Marie J., Bend, OR 
NOTE: At  87  Marie is Senior Taster.  She is diabetic  and  many recipes were designed for her.

"I  thoroughly  enjoyed  the  recipes  and  recommend the book to those who want to cook nutritious food that tastes great." 
Faye S., Admin., Candler General Hospital, Savannah, GA

"In my world,  computers come before cooking so I found Cooking Healthy very useful.  This book goes  to great lengths  to provide clear,  concise  instructions to guarantee your success."
Rosemary G., office mgr., NYC, NY

"This is  the  most interesting thing  that I've ever seen done  to a zucchini.  Delicious." 
Dick L., Bend, OR commenting on the Pizza-Style Zucchini Recipe.

"As a  new  cook, I found the recipes  easy.  Also, I'm making new friends when I invite others over to taste my good cooking." 
Julie B., Bend, OR

"The  Fish Chowder Recipe  works well for backpacking.  I add a potato and some  freeze dried corn  to my pack, then prepare the chowder over an open fire with fresh caught fish." 
Pastor Jack D., Tumalo, OR


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